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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
14 slams
Record Year #1
Tied for Most Wimbledon titles
2nd longest reign (or 3rd if you factor in Pancho was on top longer then Fed and Sampras) at #1 in history
Stopped his main rivals
Davis Cup
2 AO's

He deserves to be in the conversation regardless of how much you hate him
Sampras is probably the best player currently who doesn't have a case for being the GOAT. Federer took it away from him by matching him on grass/hard courts (even surpassing him on hard courts) and being 3 leagues above him on clay. Sampras doesn't have any "special achievements" to put him in the coversation unlike:
- Borg who did the channel Slam 3 times on completely different surfaces
- Nadal who completely dominated a surface, won all 4 majors and has a positive h2h against virtually everybody
- Laver with 2 calender slams
- Federer who almost completely dominated half a decade, I could write a whole chapter about Federer's "special" achievements but let's name a couple: winning Wimbledon/US 5 times in a row each, 23 major SF in a row, 17 majors
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