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Originally Posted by Macedo View Post
Cyber Power (that cause me some injuries), HexaSpin, Intense Heat, Vendetta. All of them 1,25mm, in a Babolat Pure Storm with 22kg

I used to play with PHT, then changed to the Cyber Power and got a tendinitis on my shoulder. Back to PHT but I was breaking too much, so I decided to go back to Cyber power...after a month I had a injury in my elbow. I cured it, and after a month did it again and again
I have used CyberPower 1.25mm and haven't got any problems...
The same with Strategem, no problems.
I only have problems with Black Force 1.20mm, IF strung to tight.

With AluPower, 4G, Most of babolat polys, IF strung to tight I have allways problems...

All in all, it will allways depends on may factors... balls, rackets, GRIP SIZE, etc...

Polys are made to be strung in the lower range/tension, for me 22Kilos it's just to much for any poly in that racket you use, 18~19kilos top max.

BUT this is only my opinion/experience.
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