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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
I use Dropbox for transferring files to my phone. In general I just let it do its thing and keep the file in the cloud, but if I know I want to access something locally on the device (for instance, if I'm going abroad where roaming costs are prohibitive) I'll flag it as a favourite so that there's a local copy.

This works fine for me, both from an email attachment and Dropbox. I'm on 6.0.1. Maybe it's specific to certain features, or versions of .xls?
Why should the users have to resort to using a 3rd party app when the phone already has the technology built in?

If the phone didn't have the technology and a 3rd party app steps in to better the phone, that's fine with me. But the iPhone does have that technology, it's just that Apple decided to lock the file transferring capability of bluetooth in order to force its users to continue to use iTunes as the only way to transfer files.
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