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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
- Balls: I find that I hit longer when I receive pace-less shots (why?) or low-topspin moonballs (might be opening up the racquet too much during takeback). On clay I used to step back and hit the moonballs while waist height. My hitting partners on clay were more advanced and hit harder i think.
Here's your problem. You're not adjusting your stroke to the incoming ball. A ball coming at you with pace and topspin will bite into your strings and reverse, naturally giving your shot pace and topspin with no help from you. A no-pace ball, and especially a sliced ball, will sit up with no pace and no spin. When your strings make contact you don't get that extra pace or spin. If you take the same stroke you will either hit long or into the net. You need to adjust by putting extra topspin on your shot (not necessarily easy to do, it takes some practice. this is related to the whole "trouble with pushers" problem).
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