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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Actually, I'd quite like to get you started on NFC if you have a moment. It can be unrelated to the iPhone

I'm in the UK, and NFC is far from adopted over here. We're talking miles off. A lot of the scepticism focuses around the fact that the back end is expensive for the retailer to install. I've read a number of articles speculating that bluetooth may be a more likely option, should the consumer decide NFC is required (there are plenty of arguments that it really isn't that much quicker than chip-and-pin).

Assuming you live elsewhere, has it actually become commonplace? And if so, what percentage of shops have the technology in place? (just a rough estimate based on your own experience will do me)
I think if I were to give you the actual % of shops that is NFC capable will reflect negatively on my argument. With that said, NFC readied shops are not common yet. However, I will mention many retailers are adopting the technology and it should be a common practice soon enough (as in, probably before the next iPhone is released). In downtown SF, there are already a number of NFC readied shops.

The LG Optimus G can use NFC to automatically put the phone into a particular profile. Touch the phone over one of those NFC tags and the phone automatically goes into car/airplane/silent modes.

I'll knock the iPhone down even more, I can finally watch flash based videos, enough said.

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