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Originally Posted by ART ART View Post
With CyberPower 1.25mm I haven't got any problems.
The same with Strategem, and some other strings from Pro'sPro, NO Problems.

But I GOT a LOT of vibrations that kill's your arm, with Luxillon and Babolat strings !

So I CAN deny that Pro'sPro kill's your arm.

What Pro'sPro Strings are killing... are the overprized strings that many brands/sellers use to sell ... this is the problem for many around here !
Disagree, if it kills your arm Lux and Babolat strings it's because you can't play with polys. But there are also good, average and bad strings in both brands.There are smooth strings with greats pops, or not. But a simple string isn't the solution to a thousand of players. Yes, this is very confusing and can be very discussed

What I'm trying to say is that Pro's pro strings have more vibrations than "normal" strings. And that you can't avoid anyway
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