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Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
If I recall NB had a long history of NOT paying athletes to endorse them. Guess this is a change of philosophy for them.
Founders set their rule (not endorse athletes) but seems like the person from Nike changes the rule and start to endorse people.
Since they are private company no one knows they will benefit from it or not but seems like their revenues went up. Probably at the same time, they might pay more to endorsed players. Actually I like the idea (not endorse athletics) especially they are somewhat well known company.

Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Can't believe Nike wouldn't have scooped up this dude.
Nike might need to pay more and more to fed and rafa until their contracts expires so nike might not have much money to spend.

Originally Posted by PBODY99 View Post
No, based in the USA with some local production of shoes.
Their shoes were assembled in US factories but materials are imported.

I might not surprised that NB will raise prices because of endorsements.
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