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Originally Posted by TeamHumphrey View Post
Anton, sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you -- let me know if it needs a rescue (you wouldn't even have to take the lead off).

I finally hit with it today -- the results were pretty good, though I need to move some of the weight around.

I was splitting time between the Mantis and a Blade93 demo that finally arrived. The Blade93 is scary good overall. If the Mantis wasn't a sunk cost already, I'd be planning some more demo time to decide between the Blade93 and the Vcore Tour 89.

The Mantis was promising enough today to stay in my bag -- I'll continue to tweak it for a few weeks and move back to the Blade Vcore debate if I can't get it dialed in quite right.
Well taking the lead off is moot now, considering I broke it in 5 places in a temporary flash of insanity after missing a second overhead in a row and losing two tie break match.

Looking back on it now it was a night of good tennis...minus a lost tournament and broken racket.

Anyway I think 295, setup right, would make an awesome racket for someone who plays a patient game with a lot of spin and placement.
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