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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Try an Exo Tour 16x18...
I've loathed every Prince I've ever tried with O ports. I know a lot of folks that used to use the T-7 moved to the Prince OZone Tour (specs are nearly identical, but most people thought the Prince was better). But I demo'd it and thought it was a miserable frame.

I also demoed the Exo Tour (don't remember which pattern) but hated that as well. It was strung w/ a poly though, and I also hate polys.

But I don't even like demoing anymore. The T-7 is the first time ever that, when I lose, I don't even consider questioning the racquet. I just know it's the ideal racquet for my style of play. I don't see myself switching anytime soon. I have 7 of them and a boat load of replacement grommet sets for them.
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