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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Michael Joyce rates Rios talent above Agassi and Sampras

This is easy to do. "Talent" is an abstraction, an unknown.

One can only have impressions or opinions of it, and one cannot be proven wrong, because when talking about "talent" one is not talking about objective, measurable achievements.

I prefer achievements.
Mental toughness is abstract; not a talent, that killers make concrete.*

Oh, shining star, I think that's what you're trying to say. I prefer human beings to achievement, anything else just gets repetitive after awhile. So big fart in the sky, Roger Federer won one or two more slams...duh, duh, duh, I'm not hearing it...than Sergi Bruguera. All that can be done, to keep a turnover P'zone alive. Look at the recent success of Matte Barnes...I prefer to be keepin' it real, tryin' to maximize the individual than harp on the distance of ever changin' persuasions. Talent is real, for his gen, he did much with his height; but like my other idol in life, not quite all the way applied. Know your type tendencies, or else Matte Barnes is still a big fat ZERO. That's a definitive loser mentatlity if you ask me, to prefer killer austeres in concrete to part-Italian, Cinderfellon stories, made in lemonade, yo? It's time to get *charged up,* inside; because when people give up on people, former world #'s and be smug like they was virtually nothing, it makes me wanna ball up and cray baby, extinguish, right back where I belong, a regular ol' peon in a pod, reflective, contemplating fairy tale *'s in the sky. Rios was a "gift" to many (not me, never was my cup o' tea, didn't really quite see it), but still a gift. There's a difference in trying to take that away from somones, if it made you feel better inside. #1 in the whole entire world at that height in this day and age is not's the *rest,* all that unrest, that he did not put to rest. But the super nova in the hands was always there. Two different directives, entirely. It's not easy to do. Even once, #1 in the world, it's not to be brushed off w. shimmering salt in the wound, so he failed. That does not make his achievement of #1 planetary, any more human. Like you & me, hade he learned to appreciate more, maybe, may be...before it's really too late.
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