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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
the new frame geometry definitely gives a different feel I agree with you. but the new F3.0 does feel solid to me in that it doesnt feel hollow but it definitely does not have the feel of the bio 300t or 4d versions. you don't get that flex and ball dwell time but the frame is snappier and the stringbed is livelier with the new version. you also get a larger sweetspot on the new version but overall it doest feel as sweet as my bio 300 tour.

still i have to say that i can hit some great shots with the new F3.0 and that the power level has definitely been increased. i know that you dont like the feel of the new frames but how did you play with them?
I played OK with the M 3.0, but was just too turned off by the weird feel. I agree the new frames are more powerful and lively, but that can be gotten with strings and tension adjustments. I also don't agree that the sweetspot is larger, but that could just be my lack of skill. I was really looking forward to the M 3.0 and am quite disappointed in it. Also, why is nobody talking n
about the M 3.0? 100% of the good comments are all about the F 3.0?
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