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Originally Posted by Babolat Official View Post
How do you like the new APD?

If you are looking for a softer feel, you probably need to get away from a full poly. Have you tried a hybrid? Gut is really soft, but expensive.

The advantage of 16 is it does not break as fast. I think the thinner strings have more feel...but again, person preference. For example, Rafa uses a 15L.

Tension and gauge is more of a personal preference. My stringer claims the 18 is softer to string with. From personal experience, I can tell you it breaks really fast.

The users above are correct, the 18 breaks too fast (Stosur tried it at a couple events last year and had to go back to the thicker gauge). I've heard of people using it in the crosses in the reverse hybrid,
Initially I liked the new Apd alot. I have been with a virus so I had not played for a week and a half but considering that I am not ok yet the racket felt solid. It was strung with Luxilon 4g at 46 and this string felt very good. I bought a second Apd today and strung this one with RPM 18 at 48 tension. Long ago I used Black Code 18 and it lasted so we will see. With the new Apd I hit nice angle shots and down the line shots with precision. But its designed for hitting powerful topspin shots not so much for flat hitting. I definitely liked the upgrade and especially the active cortex in the handle. Nice cosmetics too. I am really happy with the new Apd.

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