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So... beautiful. I'm ve-rr-y amused, a v-tranny o' this here life, and those old skooo Donnays, still never cease to a-maze. Just proves to show that big-D's are better than today's hollowed-Babolat hurricanes whiz, fails. Donnays are like glittle queen gold fish and trannies, tragedies, hanging by the barbie-wire, shish-kebobed, without tailes...they're so beuatiful, the way they shimmer, like that, like they was at a disco with cowjoy bob, and kylie, so very beautiful...I wish all my rackets could be sobeautiful, but they're not, not a one, not a single citrus, aqua-marine, inpsired, SWATCH, just swatch in my collection. Donnay why'd you go and paint your frames all boring and black now, hah? When they used to be so beautiful. Back in the day, that's what it's all about for me. Back in the day, eating monster nachos with jalapenos from Jack N' the Box, those were the bistros I remember, and what I wold not do now, to grafitti art my high-class frames. Old schkooo Donnays is the kind of rakcets porcupines and pine sol would use if he had hands...ohh, that racket and them hands would smell sooo good together, I just knew it. Donnay-stands for most beuatiful rackets himmer sticks on a kebob, in ever light, every one of them, an inspired, masterpiece, of throwup art, subliminally I'm suggesting ou throw them up right now, and leave 'em outside bfre ou tell anyone else, that wa I oucld steal them without know one else knowing, or you even remembering, oh, how I would love m Donnays...but then, I wouldn't be able to brag about them publicly, which would kinda maek e'm ...suck! Oh, man, can't win right can u, without actually buing them...but if I stole them form some kid, who would he tell, who would isten? They'd just hear his tears...gawww, wahhhh, he'd, you'd, you'd, that TRANNY! stole my Donnays! "Who, me? Gotta go. HE-he...oh, boy," what'd I get myself into nowutifully fulfilling. Do you fill in colors, hwen you play with old school Donnay? Why can't we be a stree tgrafitti generations like it was in the rockin' 80s? Everone had funny hair, and it was ok. Even some businessmen thought it was ok to sill carr the party over in the back. Have you ever heard a glam-queen of the board room hankerchief a donnay to his forehead, by the hanle or the brave, and declare today is two heads are better than one day, @ ross...then, watch the stampede as everyone runs over to Ross, right out the window...not a second to spare, and now enough with this charade. Off to golf, hurrohh!! hooray, and the fancy secretary with with frilly lingeries goes w. me too, but she'll have to stow away w. my expensive golf clubs. Wish there was a way to make it more comfortable in there, but there was no wa. Pleasurable business, that is the forte' of Donnay. One day, I will snatch one up off Craigbay I will, I will...! It's on the list, somewhere burried, but one day, I will reach that life''s milestone and know I've trul maad e it, my very own cDonnnay!!! Waht the bleep, why didn't I see the small for made in china, belgium, booped, I mean duped, why? China? why ou little peopl eof Hinagotta play me like that, "because We know wanna starve in the street,s Wnag Chang, tonight!" It goes a little something like that. Sorry. Had to vent-i/ or...
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