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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
If anything, my first year at 4.0 has taught me the overhead is absolutely crucial because 4.0s lob way more than I expected. They probably lob a bit less often than 3.5s, but they lob much, much better. And because they lob when you are two up, it is a winner unless someone takes it out of the air.

In our clinics, we have been working on OHs like never before. Now that we all know how to get to net, we are being lobbed to death in matches. We lack the power to crush an OH hard enough to put a crater in the court, so we have been focusing on using the OH to open the court (aiming for one of the alleys) and then finishing up the middle.

YMMV, of course.
4.0 lobs are indeed better than at 3.5...just like just about every element. I'm way too tiny to ever have a crushing overhead (or anything else for that matter) so I''ve always worked on placement -- mostly angling them off or (shhhhhh) at my opponent's feet (I feel really bad when my placement on that one is off). Luckily, the better opponents usually don't take offense...just realize their own lob wasn't that good :P

Still, I find a lot fewer lob attempts the higher the ladder I climb.
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