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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
[*]Now, from the skillset/toolbox set, I need a serve "out wide." Mostly for that diminishing singles game but a nice variety to have in doubles (if properly scripted with my partner)
2013 will be a transition year for me personally. My youngest child will begin Kindergarten in the Fall and that will begin a full week of daytime playing opportunities that I've never had before.

I am thankful the area I live in has plenty of terrific women to play with during the weekday.
I am thankful, at my age, to be able to play, at all.
I am thankful to be....alive!
I second the serve out wide! For me, it is doubles, especially mixed, that has gotten me in the 'serve down the T' rut on both sides.

And AMEN to the last paragraph!

And yay for more time to play during the week!
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