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I sat next to someone on a plane who is a member at Malibu RC; said they took out the red clay court. Said it was very poorly constructed; no one liked playing on it, so given the cost they removed it. Didn't say if it would be replaced.
Yes, the MRC did take out their clay court and replace it with the original hard court, and they never had a grass court but they've always said 'plans are in place' for that (have said that for years). Larry Ellison of Oracle owns the club and they do have plans to expand the clubhouse and build 2 new red clay courts in addition to the courts they already have and as always 'plans are in place' for a grass court. Right now they just have hardcourts and 1 Aussie Open Plexicushion court. I don't expect the remodel and new courts to be finished in 2013. I was told it was and 18 month plan. Ellison has a house nearby that has from what I hear a perfect red clay court.
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