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Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
Not much of a regular poster here, but have enjoyed reading some of the threads. Fun to see the enthusiasm of beginners, as well as the over-analysis from the more experienced hands.

I leave for the Australian Open Tuesday and just wanted to share my excitement. Though I haven't worked Wimbledon or Roland Garros to compare, I do love the tournament and the Aussies passion for tennis. I guess because there's not much else beyond cricket, soccer, and rugby. It's much more a festive atmosphere vs the US Open, which tends to be a little too proper and uppity at times.

Great energy in Melbourne for the tournament. They even have a humongous bigscreen in the center of downtown showing live matches for anyone in the area to sit for hours and watch. As well as 2 bigscreen parks at the facility for ticket holders

Wish us yanks had this much love for the sport-
No, Aussies are just mad for sports period. They watch old-lady indoor lawn bowling, darts, and netball. But having said that, enjoy your time, I'm jealous.
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