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Originally Posted by ramos77 View Post
I had the same issue playing with powerful 100" frames

So I bought PS90 and I no longer have the problem.

A heavier control racquet is just what I needed (I used to play with a max200G as a kid)

The PS90 BLX gives me the confidence to swing through the ball and no worry about it going out...

The modern 100" frame just isn't for me. Also using a natural gut/poly hybrid helped too. gut or multi in a 100" is too powerful IMO
IMO, if you are going to use a Steam 100, Pure Drive, etc., you have to have a game that suits that type of racquet. It seems counter-intuitive, but taking an aggressive cut at the ball (with the proper topspin stroke) helps keep the ball in play. Once you get tentative to adjust for the power the ball is more likely to fly on you.

Without this type of stroke, a lower powered racquet is probably a better fit.
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