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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Please give us a trip report (quality of the grass & clay courts); I've thought about going to the Marriot for a long weekend. Red or green clay? Website doesn't say - couldn't find any pics.
It's green clay. Last year I took the trip and treated myself to a tennis extravaganza. Two hours of hitting with my buddy on the grass, then a lesson on the clay. (I'm always on hard court, so wanted to touch the two other surfaces just for fun).

The grass at the Marriott is not unlike the infield at Wrigley Field. Thick. It's not Wimbledon. Thickness is understandable because with just two courts, they can't afford to have closely cut grass because it would totally wear. So the ball just dies, skids, takes funny hops. It's quite comical, but was still great fun. Best part was just the surroundings. Hitting on grass in the midst of PS with mountains off in the distance, just tennis heaven.

The clay was also not spectacular. I've played a lot on red clay in Poland in the past which was far, far better.

So the surfaces are nothing spectacular but the resort itself, and the surroundings, is top notch and great fun.
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