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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
I don't sense confusion (ie, blue frowny face with question marks) anywhere this thread. I sense a high level of bitter skepticism and cynicism in the thread. Wilson did not discover the effects of low interstring COF. They are just the first to design and sell a racquet around that discovery. Yes, they are attempting to market that discovery. No argument over that. When people (myself included) feel they are being "marketed to" there is often a deep, gut level reaction. I've exactly zero interest in persuading those of you who have stopped in here for a quick sneer and giggle, likely operating from that reaction. The central issue at hand is that, reducing the number of crosses dramatically reduces string bed friction. There is nothing to believe or disbelieve about that statement. It's just a confirmed, observational fact.

I am NOT bitter or skeptical about what you said at all. You have provided an excellent explaining the effect of reduction in string-bed friction. My point is that the concept does not appear to be that revolutionary as claimed by Wilson, "Spin Effect Technology is a ground breaking technology exclusively developed by Wilson.
The new Steam 99S & Steam 105S are the only two rackets to feature Spin Effect Technology, designed to give you crazy amounts of spin so you can play like the pros without changing your swing."
Hope this clarify my point.
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