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Default Need advice from TW racquet guru's.

Hi, I have a peculiar problem. I have played with many racquets over the last 2 years, and each have their pros and cons. But one problem continues to bug me in the ongoing search for that elusive perfect racquet. All the racquets below are strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour. I have tested many more, but these are the current ones in my bag. My problem is this:

I play with my Head Youtek Prestige MP (non IG) - the most aswsome racquet ever, this racquet was made by the tennis gods. But, while it is perfect for my groundstrokes, returns, slices, volleys - I cannot serve with this racquet to save my life. Im lucky if i get a serve in over 50mph.

I play with my Dunlop Bio Max 200G - in my opinion a very close match to the racquet above - awsome in all aspects, but the same problem with the serve (slightly less i'd say, but still a problem), I can maybe get 70mph while almost dislocating my back and shoulder.

I play with my Head Youtek IG Prestige S - very nice racquet. Feels like 50% Radical - 50% Prestige. With this racquet I can serve properly, BUT, the rest of my game suffers - groundstrokes are a bit hard to control, so are volleys, returns lack depth, no plow-through.

So now i'm really wondering about the weight / swingweight, and what might solve my problem It seems i like a fairly light racquet for my serves, and a heavy racquet for everything else. I have tried to adapt my groundstrokes and the rest of my game for a lighter racquet but i just can't - i need that heavy plow-through. I also remember a while ago playing with a Youtek Radical MP (non IG), and it almost seemed to even things out a bit for my game. I tried the new IG Radical MP but hated it. Might the IG Radical Pro suit my game?

I can hear people say: "just server harder". I wish i could, but i had a shoulder operation in January, and i fear my shoulder will never be the same again - so i cant, even if i wanted to

On a side note, i have some old racquets, one Pro Kennex Composite Destiny, weighing in at close to 360 grams. Again with this racquet everything is great, but i dont even try and serve with it - i'd have to go and pick up my arm from the other side of the court
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