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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I played OK with the M 3.0, but was just too turned off by the weird feel. I agree the new frames are more powerful and lively, but that can be gotten with strings and tension adjustments. I also don't agree that the sweetspot is larger, but that could just be my lack of skill. I was really looking forward to the M 3.0 and am quite disappointed in it. Also, why is nobody talking n
about the M 3.0? 100% of the good comments are all about the F 3.0?
I understand what you are saying and feel is important. Like the Volkl Organix when it first came out I was initially turned off by the feel of the new Dunlop F3.0. It was also generating a loud "ping" sound from the poly strings (which I later found out was string too tight by TW).

The thing is that my groundstrokes with the F3.0 tour were deep and spinny and I loved how the frame handles hard volleys. It also seemed easier to play with, or more "user friendly" than my bio 300 tour. Still, I was ready to put it aside. Until my hitting partner commented on how well I was playing and how difficult some of my shots were. So that has kept me working with the new frame and I have gotten more used to the new "feel".

I will try the M3.0 down the road for fun and to compare to my Bio 300. I think that the tour series has been the better frame for the 300 series for the last 3 versions but that is me. The TW review I am sure has some influence as well.

The new design from Dunlop is not going to be for everyone and if you like the old school feel of the older series then the new series is going to disappoint. At the same time I think that Dunlop has really got something here with a "modern" frame in the F3.0 tour. Any Babolat Aero Storm and even Aero Pro GT user looking for more control and comfort should look at the F3.0 tour. That is who is being targeted with this frame. I think that a 3.0 or 3.5 level player can use it where with the Bio 300 tour I would say better suited for 4.0 and above.
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