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Both are very powerful (to me), so you have to adjust your shot length based on tension.

So you should lower the tension if your balls are short.

The difference between the 2 are noticeable:

89 is more demanding for timing and footwork, very fast and very maneuverable, it's actually too fast for me. I already put 3g of lead on each side, now it plays just how I wanted it to, PERFECT. For a small racket there is no better this is it, I don't think there is anything like this.

97- is another really great racket, I will use it coaching on clay hitting with the kids, paying sets ..., it is extremely forgiving, more powerful, less maneuverable and more versatile than 89. I don't hit with other rackets much, but these rackets are really great.

Even if I don't get them for free I will buy them.
Yonex VCore Tour 89 for HC/ Yonex 97 Tour for Clay. Jr coach.
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