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Originally Posted by directionals View Post
I play both mixed and men's USTA league matches. The mixed match results don't count towards the Ntrp rating, do they?
If you play both, and play enough men's (3 or more matches I believe), your rating will be based solely on your men's matches and your mixed won't count at all.

It is only if you don't play men's at all or don't play enough men's matches that your NTRP rating will be based on just your mixed matches and then your rating will also be a mixed-exclusive rating indicating it is based on just your mixed matches.

Which men's leagues count depends on your section/district. At their discretion, some count only the adult/senior/etc. league that advances to nationals, others include other leagues played throughout the year (though not necessarily all), and some will also include tournament matches while others don't.
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