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Could probably apply that to 90% of transfer stories, though.

Obviously some outlets are slightly more professional than others (I don't think many believed's recent claim that PSG were bidding 250m for Messi, with an 80m annual salary).

Surely there must be plenty of interest in Ba. Can't think of many proven PL goalscorers that are available, and at this price (though apparently the agent's fees linked to the buy-out clause are very steep).

Not sure about Ba for Arsenal, but I think Wenger needs to bring in another goalscorer. We've managed some better results of late, but that's not unexpected seeing as we've had easier games. I've been saying we had to be 4th by the Southampton game (1st Jan) in order to put ourselves in a good position to finish 4th. If we win our game in hand, we would be 4th on goal difference over Spurs. After tomorrow's game, it's City (H), Chelsea (A) and Liverpool (H) in the next four. The consensus was we needed another forward when we were 'in crisis' after the last tough run of games; if we struggle again then we'd be in the same position but the January window would have come and gone. It's a tough decision though, in light of Walcott and Giroud both looking better of late, but they haven't proven anything until we get results against the top teams.

I think it will be really tight between Spurs and ourselves this year; objectively I'd probably rate Spurs as slight favourites. Unfortunately they are playing at home on the last day of the season, so little chance of another bad batch of lasagna in a Docklands hotel!

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