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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

As I'm pretty new to gut and given our weather, can you tell me what are the rules re playing in the wet. I'm presuming playing when raining is definitely out. But what if it's just damp out (say it had been raining a few hours before but wasn't actually raining anymore)? And can you play with gut in a small amount of drizzle?

On another matter, as an esteemed UK RH of long-standing haha, why not join the likes of Dave, Rich and myself on the FB group? IIRC you were dead against it and the idea of being on FB previously - which I understand. But you can simply join and do nothing else but post in the UKRHs group, which is a closed group, i.e., no-one but the groups members can have access to you etc. You wouldn't have to have anything to do with the rest of FB appartus, so to speak. There's definitely some good banter (some of it stuff we can't really say on TT). And, most importantly, some pretty good 'action' on the racketaholic front LOL. Anyhow, just thought I'd mention it.
The problem with gut is not necessarily the weather (though it doesn't help) directly but the ball getting very wet. That is what really gets the moisture on the strings and generally a good bit of grit too. As such it can not actually be raining but be pretty bad. Pacific and Klip (for example) are worse than VS. Overall if it feels wet I tend to avoid playing with gut. I just use a cheap syn for those sessions. With that or if I have a set I know is on the way out I don't care.

For me the FB thing is about the privacy to an extent but its more about the pressure from various quarters to friend certain people and participate in a lot of stuff. I don't have that kind of time and folk get upset. To give you an idea my wife has 54 first cousins. Only the very interested have that kind of time!! I'd never play any tennis!

On another note ill have some frames and some string to go soon if folk are interested. Let me know as I have a lot of mails.

Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
Slow on here.
Did everyone have a good Christmas?
Still not played any tennis hence my activity here has waned considerably.
What's your reaction to the Nadal pull out? Easy ride for Djokovic?
Originally Posted by prostaff junkie View Post
Probably, but it would be good to see one of the other guys to step up and challenge. Delpo or even Tsonga? Personally I'd like to see one of those guys in a semi.
I've been over in the US so no time to play but at least resting the ankle and picking up cheap gut (!)

It's a real pity the top four are so dominant. I'm really hopeful the weather is super hot and they put the roof down. For me if they do that perhaps Delpo has a chance if he plays some first strike tennis. Long shot but....

I reckon a Murray/Djoko final at this point.
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