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decent game... a few suggestions -

1) i know this is casual hitting, but to progress you need more intensity.... and that goes for your hitting partner also.. play some points at a minimum so there is something at steak.

2) I like your FH, and the BH slice.... the BH topspin is armed... from the power position after the racket drop, make sure that you maintain pressure a the right arm pit so that the arm and the right chest is connected, this way you can rotate to generate power and you will have much better control of the shot...don't worry about staying sideways... that's an obsolete technique.

3) ground strokes are only 30% of the game... yet it took the entire video.. honestly there was nothing to see after the first minute..... show some volleys, approaches, smashes (that's about 25% of the game)... and some serves and returns.... that is 45% of what determines wins / losses.
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