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Default Wanted: Hitting partner (3.0 ish) in Belmont, San Mateo? (Bay Area)

Hey there,

So I'm just moving into the states and thus wanna find a hitting partner. I believe that I was a 3.0 but I havent hit for while now and have gone through some injuries so I might play quite worse than that.

For my preferences, I want some one who's serious about their games (i.e doing drills, proper warm up and passionate about improving), not one that just want to bash the ball mindlessly. And please be patient and easy going as well, dont scream at yourself or me haha.

My email is[at] Thank you all for reading and I'm sorry if my writing is confusing as I'm typing this in a hurry. Happy hitting!
3.0-3.5 dedicated hitting partner needed in San Francisco. Hit me up at[at] Thank you.
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