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Originally Posted by ductrung3993 View Post
Thank you for the suggestion, Tiffani. I was thinking about that too but I think that it would still be better if I know if one racquet is more string sensitive than the other...
String sensitivity is a very personal thing, and it depends on how comfortable you are to a racquet. For me, I'm used to the Yonex RDiS 100 Mid, so to me it feels very string sensitive because I know what the racquet feels like and thus can pick up on slight changes in the feel at contact based on the string. However, if you picked up my Yonex racquet and hit it you might not be able to pick up differences in feel based on different strings because you are not used to the racquet.

Once again, our suggestion would be to find a racquet (or two) on your list that you are very familiar with, and then test the strings in that(those) racquet(s) so that you can pick up the slight changes in feel between the different strings.

Andy, TW
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