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Originally Posted by JDMasFCK View Post
Nice! Might pick up the blue/green/white when it comes out! Glad to hear it comes with a 6 month warranty. How does this compare to the 4.3 in terms of comfort and durability?
They are more comfy than 4.3, but durability cant tell since I bought them yesterday and played for the first time this morning.

Originally Posted by Sinner View Post
Good deal. I really like them, but will be waiting for more colorways.

Did they feel a bit big to you? I tried on my usual size (US10.5), but thought the US10 fit better. Bigger/wider toebox was probably a factor.

Your black laces were a nice touch
Thanks for the complement! Yes 10 felt good and I could buy them at that size, but cause I put Dr. scholls sport insoles on all my shoes I went 10.5. But if you like more snug feel then definitely go for size 10.

Now as update. Like I said have the opportunity to played with them for the first time this morning and take what I going to write with a grain of salt since I being playing with 2K10's in rotation for the past year and a half.

So I didnt put my insole and played today with the one nike provide, and my big toes hurt. This shoe will need some breaking period I guess. Like I said before the sole is bulky and higher from the ground than my 2k10's. Now I can see that it has the upper from a 2k10, but the characteristics of Courtballistics.
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