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I agree.I watched very little of Bueno, and she was past her peak and , of course, never had the chance to see lenglen and Mo.But these 3 women are, talent wise, as good as any other who ever played the game.

As for those I watched, I agree Hingis,Mandlikova and Cawley being megatalented and probably better than women with a better record than them.Of thsoe 3, Hingis was clearly the toughest menthally and she could have been the best ever with a bit of strength and consistency ( she owned Graf at that 1999 RG final till the umpire spoiled it all).

Evonne wss like a fairy playing tennis.You would be not human if you ever rooted agaainst her, even if she played your favourite player...and Hana, well, if I was a woman ( or being a man, for that matter) and wanted to play tennis, IŽd like to play exactly the way I have seen Hana on those rare ocassions she gave her 100%
Evonne seemed to be the happiest player I've ever saw. She just floated on the court and just casually seemed to make the most ridiculous shots.
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