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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Chelsea need a midfielder and a striker.

They should sign Mario Gotze, Ilkay Gundogan and Falcao for 100 million and ditch the likes of Mikel and co. Maybe throw Sneijder in there too if his contract mess at Inter doesn't get sorted out. Perhaps a more ecnomically friendly option in the back of midfield would be Michael Bradley, who after stuttering at Aston Villa has improved by leaps and bounds at Roma, where he is now learning from De Rossi as to how to be a kickass central midfielder.

He'd sell a sh*t ton of shirts here in the States as well.
Gotze, Gundogan and Falcao in January? Can't see that happening!

A striker and a midfielder are very much needed, absolutely. When you think about it, we've done very well to be in the position we are half way through the season, the sheer lack of numbers in those two areas is far too high.

They seem to be keeping it pretty quiet in terms of targets, Taison seems to be the only one that keeps cropping up. Not really sure why we need another attacking midfielder though if i'm honest.
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