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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
I googled Pro's Pro Strategem as well and found the review below. I am looking at picking up a reel myself.

Power: Really good controllable power. Gives you little extra power without fear of hitting long. 8/10

Spin: Excellent access to spin. Felt my topspin shots had little extra kick and slice stayed nice and low. 9/10

Control: This string has nice feedback and I found it really precise. Could hit my marks with confidence. 8.5/10

Comfort: No problems with this one. Really comfortable both with either a full bed of this or in hybrid setups. 8.5/10

Durability: String played same way in the beginning and in the 10 hour mark until a restring was needed. 9/10
Following on from kcmiser's post - would you regard Dunlop Black Widow as a counterpart for Strategem.
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