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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
I agree Federer has had them too, I'm just saying easy draws don't equal a title you wouldn't have won otherwise. That goes for everyone.

With your second point, i'm not sure. I mean if someone lower ranked had knocked out Federer at RG in 2008, they might have actually given Nadal a better match (the right player in form) not much better, but it couldn't have been much worse! Tsonga knocked out murray and Nadal in the 2008 AO, Nadal might have done better than winning a set in the final but Murray probably wouldn't have, in fact he probably would have been straight setted. Likewise Murray probably would have lost the 2009 US Open final in straight sets, yet a less fancied player like Delpo actually won.

Less experienced is not always easier.
Playing an inexperienced player in a slam final might not always be easier, but most of the time for sure. Delpo in USO 2009 was an exception. Still, Fed was no doubt the favourite and with good reason, and I always see Fed fans claiming he lost due to carelessness.

González was playing great, particularly against Haas, but his level wasn't the same in the final and that was to be expected also...

As for Federer in RG 2008, the other players Rafa played had pretty similar scorelines for the most part. And Fed should have done better imo.
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