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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
Played a little dubs Sunday ... I felt really good. On the court are 2 established 4.5s and two new 4.5s. Probalbly all of us are near the bottom third of the local 4.5 band however. Video Provided Here

Personally, I felt like I returned well and my movement was good. I have been concentrating on getting the ball further away from my body on the backhand. This has helped with consistency.

Interestingly during the match I was returning serves to the backhand really well. During one game we won 9 of 10 points served to me on the ad side. We ended up winning 2 of 3 sets even thoguh my partners return was off.

My stats for the match:

Served 77% first serves winning 80% of first serves in play.
Returned 72% of balls into the court winning 65% of the time I got the ball in play and winning nearly half of all points served to me.
Diz that vid is listed as private.
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