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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
you could cut notches into the top PVC rails to stop the torquing/sliding. each racquet would have a 'slot'. obviously with this method, you wouldn't be able to freely slide the racquets back and forth.
For various styles of rackets and for long term storage, I'd stick with some sort of 'padding'. Care should be taken not to use anything that will 'stick' to the rackets(if the rackets will be stored long-term, especially). On wood models, for example, a sticky material might grab the trim strings wrapped around the hoop or could actually pull off the lacquer finish. It's less important on metal or graphite rackets or for short term storage, but still a consideration. Some sort of felt would cushion the frames, eliminate sticking and still allow the rackets to slide a bit when needed.

lwto, nice job. Would be great if you had a 'free' source of some of the lengths(scraps, leftovers, etc). Any plumbers in the family or neighborhood?
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