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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
This is my set up:

Router (coax) to splitter in basement (A, B) - (coax) to A living room - (coax) to Splitter in living room by TV (A,B) - A (coax) goes to cable box, B (coax) goes to MOCA adapter.

Should work considering what's on the DSL reports website. My splitter is a bit old so I wonder if it has a high enough range. I'll try to give you a ring later.
should work since u have a 4 way. u have a few options:
- since TV don't require as much bandwidth, u can try getting a 3way splitter and leave more
signal quality to moca.
- or call vz and tell them to increase juice by installing a booster. its free and it will improve ur signal. I will lean towards this option and say that u r getting a flaky connection.
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