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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Worker View Post
Those are some impressive bands you listed there stringer. I saw Rush live just recently. Lots of hemp and most of the audience were white males between 40-55. Also, how was Freddy Mercury on stage?
10th row dead center @MSG on the "We Are The Champions" tour in '78. The Yanks had just won the World Series and he put on a Yankee cap for that song. Bedlam ensued! The entire show was the most visually stunning show I've witnessed. I took a 80-200 zoom Nikkor lens and a couple of motor-driven Nikon bodies to shoot the spectacle and it lived up to my expectations and beyond. Must have shot 300 frames or so and still have the best of what I got on a DVD in case I want to hang a few photos on the wall someday.
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