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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
It's incredible how boyish he looks. Boyish and dorky. And plain adorable. Yeah, a bit thin, I hope his morale is not too low. All that sh-t happening to him when he has sacrificed so much for his career. Hope he's feeling ok.
He does look adorable

I guess it's silly since he probably didn't write the tweet, but he always adds exclamation signs and he didn't this time... anyway, hope he's feeling fine.

Originally Posted by Hood_Man View Post

Sorry, I just love his facial expression I might start using it as my "disagree" pic.

I think his hair looks nice. It makes him look smart & boyish (he is only 26 after all), & kind of sweet.
Lol, it is a good "disagree" pic.

Rafa does look similar to that physicist guy you posted...
Agree his hair looks fine also.

BTW, happy new year everyone
Beware of sadness
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