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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
Latest video

I have uploaded a video below that has been edited for time. My purpose for sharing this video is to receive feedback on the things I am working on ... Please be constructive. I know that the number one thing I need to do is lose weight ... then what?

I plan to upload video every few weeks to document my progress both from a fitness persepctive and from a skills perspective. Hopefully you will see me transform into a lean-mean powerhouse on the court by next summer season.

Dizzlmcwizzl video at 290
Attached is a New Video at 280
Service Return Video 1.6.2012
Doubles at 275
Doubles at 268
Singles at 265
Mid point video (260 pounds)
Singles at 260
Doubles at 257
Doubles at 250 pounds
Singles at 247 pounds
Doubles at 245 pounds
Doubles down 50 pounds
Bad angle video
Worse Angle Video
Great Recording of ok doubles
Indoor Doubles Poaching Strategy Advise
Ground View of Groundies and Points
Hitting with a recent college guy
Singles at the 1 year mark
Doubles after 13 months

My game is a big consistent serve with a powerful forehand that sometimes is inconsistent. I like my backhand because it is dependable and rarely misses in competition, but it does not blow anyone off the court either. My net game is vastly improved but this is still a work in progress.

My biggest liabilities are my size and service return. I am working on the size thing. My service return is sometimes awesome and other times awful. When I am playing a lot and my timing is on I return well, when my timing is off then bad things happen.
You SUCK! Seriously dude!


I see these videos and it's hard to know how good someone is doing, not sure why, but I can't tell on videos like these for some reason.
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