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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
NXT control is a great string that is very unique. I think it's more multi than poly but it plays soft like a multi but with low-power. If you need a low powered string thats soft then this one should be given some consideration. I only used it in a full job for some higher powered rackets, but I would imagine it would make a nice durable and soft cross with poly mains. It's only drawback is that it's quite expensive. I remember it being near $20 a pack. It's quite different from all the other NXT strings. NXf tour is a premium multi. And NXT is a multi but Nothing like the tour version. Very crisp feeling but not much power or feel to it.
More than $20.00, at least for me. Low powered? I can kill it with this stuff.

I guess to each their own, I just love it, it doesn't degrade really that much, grabs the ball, yet has touch, don't know I'm surprised how much I love it and I'm a advanced player.
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