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I guess I like being the odd ball. Went and got the Nokia Lumia 920.

So far:
I noticed the limited number of apps for DLNA applications, pay or free. Installed a DLNA client, Linada. Now I was able to detect a DLNA server device and play music off of it. However, Windows Phone won't allow you to download music or video from DLNA server to its Media Library. It only allows you to download pictures from one.

Playing back music via DLNA resulted in a few popping/cracking sounds that I don't get from my PC or other phones. I was prompted to install OS updates for the phone, so I'll test the music playback again later.

Only took a few photos but they definitely look cleaner than the ones I took with my Motorola Atrix 2.

Eager to test the battery life. 2000mAh vs iPhone 5's 1400mAh so I'm expecting decent battery life. It exposes your body to less signaling than the iPhone, at least.

The wireless charging seems to work. Phone quality was good, but my friend couldn't hear me when I had my earbuds plugged in even (I'll have to test it again).

Mark Cuban, a Mac owner, says the Lumia 920 crushes the iPhone 5.

I've been able to figure out how to use this phone without the manual. The tiles will take a bit of getting used to, but no biggie. The additional screenguard works, so no need to clean that off so far.

The apps might be an issue (750K for iPhone, 700K for Android, 150K for Windows Phone) but if phone makers take notes from the Lumia 920 and Microsoft can produce a decent OS then Windows Phone could be a viable alternative to iOS and Android.

Lumia 920 Specs are here. While iPhone 5 and GS3 fanboys can pony up $199 for an upgrade, I got the Lumia 920 upgrade for $99.

I might be able to try NFC with my friend's GS3. It should make my iPhone co-worker go "WTF did you just do?!?!"
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