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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
My company had Blackberry for a few years. When things worked, it was fine. But supporting BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) got to be a mess, especially with our old Exchange server. And when RIM goofed, their goofups would result in down time measured in days.

RIM screwed themselves up over the past 3 years. The industry is moving towards secure, but more open architectures for mobile devices. RIM underestimated the iPhone's popularity and blew a chance to further gain inroads with individual consumers. They then kept trying to rollout expensive phones with outdated hardware. The 2 CEO structure was a disaster with the company too slow to adapt, move out quality products, or entice/reassure their customers. BB10 has been delayed by over a year. I believe BB10 is not backwards compatible with BB7, so anyone buying devices now will have to replace them when/if BB10 rolls out.
I was an epic poster on Crackberry for many years. In early 2010 well before RIM was having issues and I still hated the iPhone I predicted RIM would be the next Palm by Q4 2013. People lambasted me and I even got myself banned for epic trollery accusations.

I'm never wrong. RIM is finished. BB10 will sell ok initially but they're done.

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