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Default The three twisted did not go as planned

The three strings twisted together did not go as planned in my attempt to use it as a cross. They were to wide for the holes and as I tried to pull them through they became a twisted mess. Next time I will try them as mains.

So instead I tried something else until my next strings a twisting.

Luxilon Adrenalin 18g mains at 59lbs and 18g isospeed baseline spin twisted with 21g gut as crosses at 55lbs.

I've now been playing for 6 hours with them and my findings where,

1. No major increase in spin. I'm a big spinner and can spin balls wildly with my CTS Lightening racquets regardless of string.

2. What I did notice was an decent increase in power,

3. A surprisingly softer feel than with just the Baseline Spin cross

4. The biggest benefit so far has been the added tension maintenance of the softer Isospeed 18g poly and in fact my string bed in general.

I will have to continue the experiment several more times in order to verify my findings, but what a welcome surprise so far.

Typically I am on the end of my string life at 6 hours with Isospeed but currently the set up appears as lively as when I started the experiment.

I will need to find a better glue than the stretchy stuff. It's to hard to pull through the holes.

Suggestions welcome and we'll try something new.

Ciao, time to chase some more yellow fuzzies!
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