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An interesting thing to wonder is who is really a better player, Novotna or Shriver. Breaking down their games:

Serve- I would go with Shriver
Forehand- Novotna by alot
Backhand- Novotna by alot as well, even if both sucked passing off this side
Movement- Novotna by alot
Volleys- Err, not really sure, a toss up really
Overhead- Shriver, Jana missed alot of smashes when she got nervous
Intangibles- Shriver, stronger nerve, smarter player

Shriver's poor ground game and movement was too easy to exploit for a really good player, she almost had to come in on the 2nd shot off each point as she was that hopeless from the baseline vs a tough oppopnent, so probably still Jana overall, but it is close, and their main strengths, Shriver is superior in most.
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