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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
I have clients using Plus Power 1.28, Vendetta 1.20, Ichiban Spin 1.21, and Blackout 1.24.
All in hybrids with syngut or multi crosses.
I have had no negative feedback. They come back for more.
I have also had good results with HiTec Multifibre, GutPower16, and GutexUltra17.
I get the same feed back from most of my clients too. I usually try to steer them to under 55 lbs. GutexUltra plays like NXT, very soft but not so durable. I mainly sell Blackout or Black Force, as an alternative to RPM Blast or B5E, and my cleints can't really tell the difference, other than it being softer on the arm.
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