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Wouldn't it be Agassi? Wasn't he out for six months at some point, and then he packed in all those Slams in the latter half of his career.

Serena's been out for months at a time several times, but was it ever six months? I remember her coming into 2008 or 2009 AO really out of shape and having been out for a while and winning and then regrouping and winning more Slams in the ensuing years. But, I don't think she was off for six months.

Seles of course, was out from Spring of 1993 to the summer of 1995 after the horrific stabbing, and came back and immediately won a Tier 1 and made the USO final, then won the 1996 AO, and also made the 1996 USO and 1998 FO finals, and also had a lot of other "good" Slam performances (QFs or better) thereafter, though she obviously never returned to pre-stabbing form.

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