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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Congratulations! What is it you'll be doing there?

Looks like Negredo could be the striker, the price seems to be about the same as Lewandowski. I know which i'd prefer!
I'll be teaching English at a private school whilst helping my dad's company (an international investment fund focused on educational institutions in developing countries) improve their English curriculum. I'll probably also be tutoring a few Brazilian who do business in the English-speaking world.

And doing the main thing someone does when they go to Brazil: play and watch football. Oh yeah, and enjoy the nice weather too.

I'll be this board's unofficial scout of new emerging Brazilian talents, since there seems to be an unlimited supply of them.

I'd take the Pole, Negredo is older and Lewandowski is more physically suited to the Premier League and has a better shot to boot.

Originally Posted by christo View Post
Sao Paolo, I have visions of the beautiful game, beautiful girls, Guga and surfing, not necessarily in that order lol.
Bolded for emphasis.
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