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FWIW My choice of pros pro string is intense heat in the mains w/ hexspin twist in the crosses (cant remember the gaages but i think IH is 1.25 and HT is 1.20mm) I know a lot of people don't see the point of hybriding crosses but at least for me, i found that intense heat, while a solid string and comfortable, felt a bit muddy in full bed, whereas the twist cross made the string bed a bit crisper, putting the twist in the crosses, for me, tends to get the best results, but in full bed it is the worst string in the range, excellent for hybrids w/both polys and synth gut. Revoltec (in 1.17) is one that doesnt get a lot of press on here but gets very positive reviews w/ people i have strung for/various friends etc. (IMO that is better in full bed, as it is a crisper string anyway)
PS 85, K90 or 3x MG prestige mid, all with pros pro untextured mains and hexaspin twist crosses- 52lbs
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