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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
LOL this is not true at all. Goran's backhand is light years better than Roddick's little poop of a backhand. Roddick's forehand in his 03-04 is probably better, but then he turned his forehand into this wierd moonbally thing for the remainder of his career. On grass Goran does everything better than Roddick, much more dominant serve, far better return, more athleticsm and better movement, much better volleys. People who have seen the two play know there is no comparision in their abilities on that particular surface. It just shows how much stronger the Sampras era on grass was that the two have almost the same # of finals, when there is no comparision in their grass court abilities.
Agreed--but your assessment is possible because you are actually familiar with the players/games of yesterday, which only leads to one conclusion: Roddick's inferior skills (baseline obsessed, flat feet, terrible movement, poor hands, zero understanding of great/effective volleying techniques, etc.) are suited to today's game (explaining his Wimbledon finals), but with the same poor combination of skills, he does not make the second week of Wimbledon of the 1990s.

His failings are that bad.

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